2nd CPR Conference

Topic Name Name PDF Video
Chest Compression-Only CPR Karl B. Kern PDF Video
Update in CPR Abdulmajeed Khan PDF Video
The Oxygen Dilemma: Can Too Much Oxygen Kill? Muaweih Ababneh PDF Video
Post Resuscitation Care, Particularly the Role of Early Coronary Angiography and PCI Post Arrest. Karl B Kern PDF Video
The Role of the Cath Lab in the Treatment of Cardiac Arrest Mohammed Eldeeb PDF Video
Challenges in the Management of Broad Complex Tachycardia Swee Han Lim PDF Video
What’s New in Defibrillation Karl B Kern PDF Video
Ethics in CPR Mohammed Eldeeb PDF Video
Mechanical CPR an Update Swee Han Lim PDF Video
Advances in Trauma Care: A Quiet Revolution; Haemodynamic Changes Muaweih Ababneh PDF Video
Adrenaline for OHCA Where are the Evidence. Swee Han Lim PDF Video
Simulation in Resuscitation Teaching and Training Abdullah Mohammed Kaki PDF Video
Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), Our Experience! Muaweih Ababneh PDF Video