6th SAUDI-HF Symposium 2017

Topic Speaker PDF VIDEO
Case Presentation Ali Almasood PDF VIDEO
Older Generation Vasodilators: Still Relevant in the Era of ARNIs? Kamal Alghalayini PDF VIDEO
ARNIs Where Are We Now Ammar Chaudhary PDF VIDEO
Revascularization in HFrEF Are We Closer to the Truth Ali Almasood PDF VIDEO
Contemporary use of Beta Blockers and MRAs Fayez Alshaer PDF VIDEO
NOACs in Heart Failure Nadia Ismail PDF VIDEO
The Art & Science of Diuretic Therapy Fayez Alshaer PDF VIDEO
Case Presentation Kamal Alghalayini PDF VIDEO
Ivabridine: Time to Reconsider in Saudi Arabia? Waleed AlHabeeb PDF VIDEO
Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure: The Plot Thickens Abeer Bakhsh PDF VIDEO
Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure: What Every Heart Failure Specialist Needs to Know Ammar Chaudhary PDF VIDEO
Controversies in Atrial Fibrillation and HF Yahya Alhebaishi PDF VIDEO
The Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic in HF: Any Solutions in Sight? Kamal Alghalayini PDF VIDEO
Case Presentation Maryam Alqaseer PDF VIDEO
When to Consider Right Heart Catheterization? Tarek Kashour PDF VIDEO
Highlights of the European and Canadian HF Guidelines Maryam AlQaseer PDF VIDEO
The ACC Heart Failure Guidelines Fakhr Alayoubi PDF VIDEO
How to Apply HF Guideline Recommendations to Children and Young Adults Rima Bader PDF VIDEO
Saudi Heart Failure Guidelines Waleed AlHabeeb PDF VIDEO
What can the Physical Exam Tell Us? Adil Soofi PDF VIDEO
A Guide to Proper Utilization of Biomarkers Abeer Bakhsh PDF VIDEO
The non-invasive RHC – How to Best Utilize Echo in HF? Hanan Albackr PDF VIDEO
Remote Monitoring of Chronic HF Maryam Alqaseer PDF VIDEO
CT findings in Heart Failure Muhammed Al Thubaiti PDF VIDEO
Right Ventricular Heart Failure Tamadhir Gazzaz PDF VIDEO
Heart Failure in Children and Young Adults: How Can the Radiologist Help Lamia Jamjoom PDF VIDEO
Case Presentation Ammar Chaudhary PDF VIDEO
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Revisited Hanan Albackr PDF VIDEO
HFpEF and Restrictive Cardiomyopathies Ammar Chaudhary PDF VIDEO
Cardio-oncology: The Essentials & Beyond Maryam Alqaseer PDF VIDEO
Case Presentation Abeer Bakhsh PDF VIDEO
Revascularization in HFrEF: Are We Closer to the Truth? Ali Masood PDF VIDEO
ICD and CRT: Candidate Selection and Follow-up Issues Yahya Alhebaishi PDF VIDEO
No Longer Ignored: Emerging Transcatheter TV Intervention Tarek Kashour PDF VIDEO
Evolution of VAD Technology and Outcomes Feras Khaliel PDF VIDEO
Candidate Selection for Long-Term VAD Ammar Chaudhary PDF VIDEO
The Balancing Act: Bleeding and Thrombosis in MCS Adil Alsoofi PDF VIDEO
Can Diabetes Control Improve HF  Sarah Alyousif PDF VIDEO
Evolution of VAD Technology and Outcomes  Feras Khaleil PDF VIDEO