Name Title PDF Video 
Ziyad Ghazzal, MD ACC/AHA Guidelines on Lipids and PCSK9 Inhibitors PDF Video
Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD How to Choose the Best Stress Test Modality for your Patient PDF Video
Abdulhalim Kinsara, MD Peri-operative Assessment in Surgical Patients PDF Video
Mark Estes, MD Genetics and Management Approach of Hyperthropic Cardiomyopathy: PDF Video
Ziyad Ghazzal, MD Complex PCI – Tips & Trick PDF Video
Waqar Habib, MD DM & Multi-Vessel CAD – Whats the Verdict PDF Video
Mirvat Alasnag, MD Bioabsorbable Scaffolds: Is it the next big thing? PDF Video
Richard Lee, MD Revascularization Strategies in Severe LV Dysfunction w/ or w/out Viabi PDF Video
Raed Abdullah, MD Fetal Cardiovascular Pathology in Congenital Heart Disease PDF Video
Mark Estes, MD Atrial Fibrillation Ablation is the First Choice: Pros & Cons. PDF Video
Raed Sweidan, MD NOACS vs. Coumadin in Atiral Fibrillation: Is it Worth to Switch? PDF Video
Waleed Al Habib, Management Strategies in Chronic Heart Failure: Role of Medicine & Devices PDF Video
Shadi Karabsheh, MD Heart Failure w/ Dilated Left Ventricle and Functional MR: PDF Video
Ziyad Ghazzal, M Transcatheter Techniques for Mitral Regurgitation PDF Video
Omer El-Amin, MD Left Atrial Appendage Closure: The Right Device for the Right Patient PDF Video
Richard Lee, MD Surgical Repair vs. Replacement in Ischemic MR PDF Video
Baker Dajani MD Residual MR: Bad or Acceptable Jet? PDF Video
Ahmed Jamjoom, MD Understanding the Parable of Rheumatic Mitral PDF Video
Hani Najm, MD Tricuspid Valve, The Forgotten Valve, Decision-Making in PDF Video
Ziyad Al-Ghazzal, MD Anti-platelet Therapy in ACS: Balancing the ACT: When to Choose PDF Video
Suleiman Kharabsheh, MD FFR – Incorporating & Expanding its use PDF Video
Osama El-Khateeb, MD Evidence Based Management of STEMI and PDF Video
Mohammed Kurdi, MD Cardiogenic Shock: Interventional Strategies PDF Video
Mark Estes, MD Risk Stratification of Sudden Cardiac Death PDF Video
Nasser Mahdi, MD Women and Heart Disease PDF Video
Ammar Chaudary, MD Radiation Heart Disease: Management Strategies PDF Video