Testing Checklist Adult


Testing Checklist Adult BLS

Lead in Scenario: While you were walking, you witnessed someone who had suddenly fainted in front of you. How would you intervene? Required Elements: Critical Actions (One Rescuer BLS)

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Scene Safety*
Check the victim response*
Shout for help and ask for AED*
Check Pulse and Breathing (5-10 sec)*


Hands Placements (lower half of the chest bone)*
Depth (At least one third of the Chest Depth/approximately 2in/5cm)*
Rate (100-120)*
Complete Chest Recoil*
30 Chest Compressions*


Provide two breaths (Each breath has to be over one second with visible chest rise)*
Return to compressions within 10 seconds*

Instructor Says: The AED is here, Use it

Power on and follow the AED prompts (Attach pads/clear for analyzing/clear before delivering the shock/return to chest compressions)*
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